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Proactive Data Quality
Snowflake Cloud
Cost Optimization

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Why DataRadar? Because Data Happens…

Maintaining the utmost data quality, reliability, and gaining comprehensive visibility into your Snowflake data cloud usage and spending is critical for the prosperity of your business.

But the reality is, data issues happen. Simple errors at the data source or within pipelines can amplify quickly into expensive problems, causing trust issues and compromising the reliability of your data.

We identify and tackle these issues before they become problems by proactively monitoring and alerting with actionable & interactive controls, enabling you to save valuable time, resources, and costs.

Drive Your Business
Forward With
Unwavering Data

Ensure uninterrupted data operations and precise business insights through continuous monitoring and early detection of data quality and reliability issues. Minimize data downtime and enhance accuracy of reporting for confident decision-making.

Key Data Trust Features:

  • Data Quality Monitoring
  • ELT Testing
  • Schema Monitoring
  • Versatile Data Connectors
  • Scheduler (For Automation)
  • Incident Resolution
  • Actionable Notifications
  • And many more!
Dataradar key data features preview

Maximize Your
Snowflake Investment
Starting Now

Boost productivity by monitoring cloud usage to align resources with business growth

Data radar 24/7 cloud monitoring preview

24/7 Cloud Monitoring:

  • Snow Board (Process Monitor)
  • Warehouse Optimizer
  • ML-based Expense Forecast
  • Cost Intelligence
  • User Utilization Insights
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Account Health Monitoring
  • Configurable Thresholds Based Alerts

We Can Personalize Each
to Your Business

Warehouse Optimizer

The DataRadar Warehouse Optimizer provides granular insights into the performance of warehouse.

By analyzing warehouse configuration and consumption patterns, it helps identify areas where under or over-consumption occurs, enabling businesses to define optimal warehouse configuration with dynamic schedules based on processing demands and achieve significant cost savings.

Dataradar warehouse optimized preview

DataRadar Connectors

DataRadar offers multiple connectors to monitor and alert about Data Quality issues. With seamless integration across various data platforms, it enables comprehensive End-to-End data monitoring and schema change detection.

Dataradar connectors preview

“The Cloud Cost Monitoring
insights helped achieve a major
cost reduction of ~22% on our
Snowflake monthly expense.”

Because Data Happens…

Start your journey with DataRadar today and experience the benefits of a proactive approach to data quality, cloud monitoring, and warehouse optimization.

Dataradar data happens